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Quetta-Karachi road blocked as BNF observed shutter-down & wheels jam in several cities of Balochistan


Mastung/Tump: A compelet wheel jam and shutter down strike was observed in several cities of Balochistan including Kalat, Mastung, Kadh-Kocha, Mongchar and other areas. BNF had given the call for strike against abductions of Baloch political activists, security forces siege of girls’ school in Mand and forced entry in the houses of several BNF leaders and members.

The main Quetta-Karachi RCD road has been blocked at several places and passenger coaches from both sides were not allowed to pass the blockage, due to which passers had to face severe delays and difficulties. The market and shops remained closed until 5 pm in the evening and no traffic was seen on the road. The presence of government employees was also less in the offices due strike.

Meantime lawyers belong to Baloch Bar have also boycotted court in Dasht, Mastung, Kalat and Soraab in support of BNF protest. The central representative of Baloch Bar has said that Baloch Lawyers will always do their utmost for the Baloch cause. The lawyers rejected the claims of Pakistani government (the ministry of defence’s) statement regarding Baloch forced-disappeared person and said that none of the Baloch abducted political activists have been released.

BNF leaders and the Baloch Bar have also strongly condemned the assassination attempt on BSO (azaad) senior member Mr Naseer Gichki in thump, abduction of Khair bux Baloch from Khuzdar and clerk Saleem Badini from Mach town in Balochistan.

Separately in Thump BSO-azaad has protest against the attack on their leader Mr Naseer Gichki, the raid on the houses of Sardar Nadir Gichki and other party leaders. BSO (A) leaders strongly condemned the government attempts to weaken the Baloch struggle for liberation. They said such arrests and raids on the houses of leaders cannot stop the Baloch youth from the freedom struggle.

The BSO (A) speakers charged that Pakistani security person broke into the house of an elderly Baloch man Sardar Nadir Gichki and harassed his family members. They said that on the same night another member of BSO (A) Mr Yar jan Jamali has also been abducted by the Pakistani security forces from Thump. They said that currently there are thousands of innocent Baloch languishing in Pakistani jails. “It is the responsibility of the government to look after the well-being of Baloch political activists, if anything happened to Baloch prisoners, the government of Pakistani will be held responsible for that”, they warned.

Courtesy: dailyTawar

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Atta Shaad From 1939 to Feburary 13,1997


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Settler gunned down in Nushki


QUETTA: Unidentified armed assailants shot dead a settler in Nushki district some 160 Kilometers on Southwest of Quetta on Thursday, police said.

Some unknown men armed with sophisticated weapons barged into the house of Ishfaq Ahmed in Killi Qadirabad 3 kilometers away from Nushki town and opened indiscriminate firing on him.

Resultantly, he received critical bullet wounds and succumbed to his injuries before reaching Civil Hospital Nushki. The assailants easily managed to escape the scene after committing crime.

Police after completing legal formalities handed over body to heirs.

Police sources said investigations into the incident are underway to ascertain motive behind the killing and it would be premature to term it “target killing”.

Ishfaq, 40, was basically belonged to Punjab but he had settled in Nushki and had got married in a Baloch family. He was running a PCO.

However, no group has claimed the responsibility for the killing of Ishafa Ahmed.

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Naseer Gichki


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Mehran Baloch condemns the suspension of Interfaith International


London: The first representative of Balochistan in the United Nations, Mr Mehran Baloch has strongly condemned the suspension of the Interfaith International, an NGO that had accredited Mr Mehran Baloch since 2001. He said that Pakistan’s Intelligence agencies are trying their utmost to silence Baloch voices on International level; few days ago a Pakistani delegation headed by Mr Mohammad Bhutt has accused the NGO (Interfaith International) of damaging Pakistan’s image on international forums. Whereas the only fault this Organisation was that it had been raising the issue of human right violations against Balochistan. “This Organisation was exposing the real face of Pakistan to the international community and Pakistan wants to cover up its atrocities in Balochistan” charged Mr Baluch.

Mehran Baluch said that few years back the same Pakistani representative Mr Bhutt had threaten the NGO head Mr Charles Graves to stop supporting the Baloch otherwise his organisation will face the consequences of what it had been doing. Mehran Baluch said Pakistan’s master China and OIC counties like Egypt and Turkey not only supported the suspension but demanded the withdrawal of the NGO from the UN Economic and Social Council. However Pakistan could not convince the United States of America, United Kingdom and Switzerland and thus failed in her efforts to completely withdraw the NGO’s status.

Mehran Baloch appealed the Baloch Nation to continue to raise their voice on all fronts and expose Pakistan’s atrocities against the people of Balochistan. He requested the Baloch youth that if they see the Pakistani forces committing any inhuman act or see anyone being beaten or arrested – try to make their video footage (mobile phone footage) and send it to all International Human Right Organisation and International media.

Courtesy: Daily Tawar