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Mehran Baloch condemns the suspension of Interfaith International


London: The first representative of Balochistan in the United Nations, Mr Mehran Baloch has strongly condemned the suspension of the Interfaith International, an NGO that had accredited Mr Mehran Baloch since 2001. He said that Pakistan’s Intelligence agencies are trying their utmost to silence Baloch voices on International level; few days ago a Pakistani delegation headed by Mr Mohammad Bhutt has accused the NGO (Interfaith International) of damaging Pakistan’s image on international forums. Whereas the only fault this Organisation was that it had been raising the issue of human right violations against Balochistan. “This Organisation was exposing the real face of Pakistan to the international community and Pakistan wants to cover up its atrocities in Balochistan” charged Mr Baluch.

Mehran Baluch said that few years back the same Pakistani representative Mr Bhutt had threaten the NGO head Mr Charles Graves to stop supporting the Baloch otherwise his organisation will face the consequences of what it had been doing. Mehran Baluch said Pakistan’s master China and OIC counties like Egypt and Turkey not only supported the suspension but demanded the withdrawal of the NGO from the UN Economic and Social Council. However Pakistan could not convince the United States of America, United Kingdom and Switzerland and thus failed in her efforts to completely withdraw the NGO’s status.

Mehran Baloch appealed the Baloch Nation to continue to raise their voice on all fronts and expose Pakistan’s atrocities against the people of Balochistan. He requested the Baloch youth that if they see the Pakistani forces committing any inhuman act or see anyone being beaten or arrested – try to make their video footage (mobile phone footage) and send it to all International Human Right Organisation and International media.

Courtesy: Daily Tawar

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