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Inhuman torture on Baloch political activists in Pakistani jails, their families are extremely worried

Quetta: Mother of Shah Nawaz Marri believes that her son has been abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies at gun point. In a news statement she said that Shah Nawaz is the only bread earner of the family and after his arrest the family is going through a tough time. Further explaining about her son she said, that he is a tractor (water tanker) driver, he used to bring water for residents of New Kahan and other people in the area to help the family.

On 2 February 2010 he received a call from a resident of Killi Raisani who wanted a tanker of water. Shah Nawaz along with another youth Umer khan were on their way to the aforementioned place when they were stopped by four armed men who drove a car without number plat. They held a gun on Marri’s head and asked him to get into their car. “The intelligence agencies of Pakistan have arrested my son because several other people have been abducted from New Khan already. New Khan Kahan has been under siege of Pakistani security forces from past many years now” she charged.

The nearest police station (Shalkot) has been informed about the broad daylight abduction of Shah Nawaz Marri but the police did not take any action. She appealed all free born people and Human Rights Organisations to take notice of her son’s disappearance.

Meanwhile family members of Zakir Majeed, Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch, Sami Baloch, Mushtaq Baloch, Ghaffar Baloch, Sadullah Baloch, Kabeer Baloch, Khan Mohammad Zehri Baloch, and Ghulam Nabi Marri Baloch have also voiced similar concerns about the fate of their disappeared loved ones. They said that these Baloch student and political activists are still missing. Many of them have been missing for almost one year now and their family members are not told about their whereabouts nor do they know about the conditions of their dearest ones. Those who were released after many years of torture and humiliation or because of their bad physical conditions have revealed that many Baloch activists’ conditions were extremely serious and some had lost their mental stability. Few days back a government minister from Balochistan assembly had also expressed complete disappointment regarding the government’s lack of sincerity and capacity to recover the Baloch abducted persons.

Baloch political parties and relatives of abducted Baloch person allege that more than 8,000 Baloch have been picked up and disappeared by Pakistani intelligence forces since the Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf declared an all out war against Baloch people, after he took over through an illegal military cope.

Abul Hayee Baloch a senior member of BSO-azaad and a student of sociology from Balochistan University, who had been abducted on 9 November 2009 from joint road Quetta and has been released on 15 January 2010. He described the torture as inhumane, horrible and humiliating. He said he after his arrested when he was being taken to an unknown location, his captors changed cars in every 15 minutes. After one hour drive he was brought to an underground dungeon (secret prison). He has constantly been tortured for FIFTEEN days and was asked peculiar questions. He said he was mostly asked about the senior leadership of BSO (azaad) and chairman Bashirzeb in particular.

He also revealed that he has seen many Baloch in that same torture centre, including a Langov Baloch student of B Com from Balochistan University, Safar Khan Marri, Hassan Marri, and Sami Baloch of BSO-azaad. Apart from these people there were several Marri and Bugti Baloch held in that confined place, many of those detained person were in bad shapes and several had lost their psychological control because of gross and inhuman torture that they suffered at the hands of their Pakistani soldier captors.

He strongly condemned the Human Rights Organisation for their silence on the gross torture and mistreatment of thousands of Baloch political and student activists at the hands of Pakistani intelligence agencies. He appealed all free born and human loving people to raise voice against the Human Rights violations in Balochistan.

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