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Baloch did not want provincial autonomy, but freedom: Harbiyar Marri  Daily Times Monitor
 LAHORE: Former Balochistan minister Harbiyar Marri said on Tuesday that he is ready to talk to all forces in Pakistan, including the military on equal terms. Talking to a private TV channel.He said he supported movements for an independent Balochistan, adding that he did not show his allegiance to Pakistan under the constitution when he took oath as Balochistan minister.He said the Baloch did not want provincial autonomy, but freedom.
To a question, he said the people of Pakistan had never raised their voice for Baloch rights because they got gas, oil and other resources of Balochistan. Marri said the Baloch were fighting for their rights.He said former military ruler Pervez Musharraf and President Asif Zardari had the same views on the Balochistan issue.

The former minister said in the past uniformed dictators had occupied the province, adding that now civilians were in control of Balochistan.

He said democracy had only come for Punjab and Sindh.

Source: Daily Times

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