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Muslim League (N) student wing attacked Baloch Student in Punjab

Sahiwal: Online Balochi language Radio (Gwank) has reported that Baloch students who are studying in Punjab’s Sahiwal district have been attacked by the student wring of Muslim League (N), the MSF. Talking to Gwank one of the injured students said that they have been approached by the MSF member and asked to join their Organisations but on refusal they have been fired upon and badly beaten up. “We told them that we have nothing in common with Punjab and we don’t want to be a part of any political parties including Muslim League and MSF, for this refusal first we have been threaten and finally attacked” he complained.

He further said that they were on their way to the town when they have been fired upon by the members of MSF, Muslim League (N) student wing and after they have been arrested and beaten up badly. He said some of his friends were critically injured and have been shifted to Hospital for treatment. The injured students have been named as Balaach Baloch, Faiz Baloch, Wahid Baloch and Ishfaq Baloch.

Meanwhile BSO (azaad) Karachi zone have announced to protest against the attack on Balochistan students in Punjab. They strongly condemned the attack and said that innocent Baloch students have been attacked for refusing to join the student wing of Muslim League (N). They said that BSO (A) will stand by Baloch people and Baloch students wherever and whenever they are in any kind of difficulty.

News Source: Gwank & Baloch Warna

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