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Four Punjabi settlers killed in Balochistan

By Malik Siraj Akbar

QUETTA: Four non-Baloch individuals were killed in different parts of Balochistan on Saturday in an apparent backlash of Friday’s killings of two Baloch nationalists. Three of the murders have been confirmed as target killings.

According to details, two Punjabi settlers were killed in Ghosiabad police precincts, in the Satellite Town area of the provincial capital. The victims were standing on a road when unidentified armed motorcyclists opened fire at them. As a result, Malik Ifthakar died on the spot, while Malik Tahir died while being treated at the Quetta Civil Hospital.

Meanwhile, a Punjabi settler was gunned down in Khuzdar district. Mohammad Iqbal – originally of Sailkot – was gunned down by unidentified armed assailants at Umar Farooq Chowk. Iqbal also died during treatment.

Khuzdar police said they had registered a case against unidentified assailants and launched an investigation.

Meerak Baloch, a spokesman for the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) called the offices of various newspapers and accepted responsibility for killing the three Punjabi settlers. Also, a man was killed in Mastung district on Saturday in a similar target-killing incident. According to local police, Mohammad Ismail was returning home after closing shop when unidentified armed men ambushed him.

No one has claimed responsibility for Ismail’s murder so far. Local police say they are investigating.

Courtesy: Dailytimes

Editorial: Killing of democrats in Khuzdar

In what appeared to be a provocative incident of firing on unarmed democratic activists, security forces killed two young students-cum-political activists in Khuzdar district on Friday. The victims, along with several others who received injuries in the arrogant demonstration of brute force by the security forces, were peacefully protesting against the targeted killing of Balochs in Karachi. It was in fact a democratic display of anger over flawed government policies which had failed to guard the lives and property of the Balochs living in Karachi. Every citizen as well as political party has the constitutional right to freely express their dissent and mobilize on issues of mutual interest……..Read full story

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