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Pakistani FC open fire on peaceful rally of BSO AZAD two dead two seriously  

KHUZDAR: Media sources reported that the Pakistani FC (frontier Corps) have open indiscriminate fire on a peaceful rally of Baloch National Front (BNF) as a result two BSO (Aazaad) members have been killed and several others seriously injured. The seriously injured Baloch activists Liqat Baloch, Zafar Baloch, Inayat Baloch and Farid Baloch have been shifted to hospital for immediate treatment. The Martyred Baloch students have been named as Alid Dost Baloch and Sadam Baloch (who is said be only 14 years old) . The Baloch students were protesting against the killings of innocent Baloch in Karachi. BNF had given the call for wheel jam and shutter down strike on 15 January (Today).

Junior Vice Chairperson of BSO (azaad) Banok Karima Baloch strongly condemned the attack on Baloch students’ rally. She announced that shutter-down and wheel jam protest will be observed in Balochistan on Saturday against Kuhzdar incident.

It, however, must be noted that Baloch people have long complained the behavior of FC, most of the killings that took place during peaceful protests FC has always been involved in such incidents. In a recent interview with a Pakistani TV channel Hyrbyair Marri has also said that the FC (and the mini dictator, Salim Nawaz) were assigned to further deteriorate the situation in Balochistan.

Strike in Balochistan over Karachi target killings

QUETTA: A shutter down and wheel jam strike was being observed in a number of districts in Balochistan on Friday against the target killings of Baloch people in Karachi. The strike call had been given by the Baloch National Front.

According to reports reaching from different parts of the province, the strike was being observed in the Mastung, Noshki, Kharan, Panjgur, Gwadar, Turbat, Kalat, Awaran, Sibi and Quetta districts.

All the main bazaars and markets were closed while roads also wore a deserted look in these districts.

Law enforcement agencies took strict security measures for the occasion. No untoward incident was so far reported from any of these districts except the one in Quetta in which unknown persons pelted stones on vehicles and torched two of them on Brewery Road. — DawnNews … an-karachi-killings-qs-03

News Source: Baloch warna     Radio Gwank

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