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Karachi violence claimed another 11 innocent lives, over 50 Baloch arrested

Karachi: media sources reported that at least 11 people have been killed in the continuous violent attacks in Karachi. Most of the deceased are believed to be Baloch. Unknown assailants have shot dead at least 11 persons in last 36 hours in separate parts of Karachi while according to police calculation, the death toll by target killings in Karachi has risen to 22 persons, Geo news Thursday reported.Target killings tally touches 22 in Karachi:

The areas witnessed the target shootings included Lyari, Garden, Kharadar, Aaram Bagh and Eid Gah localities in metropolis city as 3 persons, identified as Aamir Baloch, Shakir Baloch and Nawaz Baloch, were lately gunned down in Lyari.

Najmi Alam, president PPP Karachi division told Geo news, three latest victims belonged to PPP city area and called on government for arrest of responsible assailants.

Police also claimed presence of rising tension in many parts of Karachi that include Lyari, Garden, Kharadar, Aagra Taaj and Usmanabad.

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  1. maghrebi baloch permalink
    09/01/2010 11:06 PM

    omet ke wash batet
    behter ent ke shoma wati saite nam mashrqi balochistani sarmachar belet par yesh ke shoma pora mashreqi balochistani barawa leket o shoma ta henon hazer nahet ke magrebi balochistane sarmacharani aks wati sait a nadata malom bit shoma azat balochistan faqat pa wati nezarya wala zanet o har kas dege nezari dashta bebit shoma aera baloch ham nazanet
    wash batet
    zendag bat azat o abad balochistan

    • 16/01/2010 7:29 PM

      Salam waja tai minnat war, bale meh maqsad mashreqi balochistan ya magribi Balochistan Nahi, Mah Greater Balochistane lootokinn, tai minnat waar k tho mara gusht he baraha momkene k meh thoka kammi bootag bale ishallah tho pada visit agan kane guda Magribi balochisane baraha ham tho meh koshishan ginde, TAI BAAZ MINNAT WAR

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