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Eight Baloch killed in Karachi shoot out, locals say MQM behind the carnage

Karachi: Eight Baloch have been killed in an indiscriminate firing incident in Hassan Lashkari Village (a Baloch populated area) in Karachi. Family members of the murdered men encircled the Sindh CM house and demanded the immediate arrest of culprits; the locals believe that the murderers belong to a Refugee Organisation (MQM).

BBC Urdu and other sources reported that the incident occurred after the dead body of Amir (believed to be an activist of MQM) was found in Osmanabad area. Following this incident MQM armed men attacked the Hassan Lashkari village in Karachi.

Eye witnesses reported that the armed terrorists opened indiscriminate fire on a group of Baloch people who were sat outside their house and killed six men on the spot, the victims have been identified as Yunas Baloch, Osman Baloch, Shakir Baloch, Babul Baloch and Nadir Baloch where as another two victims a male and a female could not be named immediately. More than a dozen people are reported injured in this unprovoked attack. The relative of the victims alleged that passersby have also been shot dead by the MQM armed men.

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