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Gillani and shutter down strike meet in Gwadar

Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani visited the Baloch port town of Gwadar on Tuesday. In his two-day visit, the primer would inaugurate an international airport in Gwadar and many other “development projects”. It was the first visit of the head of the federal government to Balochistan after the unveiling of the much-hyped Balochistan package. Another important aspect of this visit of the prime minister to Gwadar is a meeting of the federal cabinet and the signing of the National Finance Commission (NFC) award on which consensus was recently developed among all four provinces and the federal government following exhaustive consultations in all four provinces.

As the Prime Minister visited Gwadar, a complete shutter down strike was observed in the very city that was flooded with the VVIPs of the country. People stayed inside their homes and did not come out to cheer the visiting VVIPs or those who gave them the Balochistan Package. Perhaps, the deprived and backward people of Gwadar have become habitual of seeing the motorcade of VVIPs passing in front of their homes since the days of General Pervez Musharraf.


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