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Comrade Abdul Ghafar Langou Baloch abducted from Karachi
Karachi: Balochwarna has learnt that Comrade Abdul Ghaffar Langou Baloch has been abducted from a hospital in Karachi. Sources close to Mr Langou said that he was in Karachi for his wife’s treatment. Earlier today (11-12-2009) the personal of Pakistani intelligence agencies have abducted him from the hospital & and shifted towards unknown location. His wife has been left stranded in hospital as at the time of abduction Ghaffar Baloch was the only person with her.

It must be noted that Comrade Ghaffar was first arrested in 2000. He was rearrested in 2006 in Mongochar area; Both times he suffered severe mental and physical torture at the hand of Pakistani Military Intelligence and Intelligence agencies. Comrade Mir Ghaffar Langov was released on Friday 8 May 2009, after years of illegal detention. Now he has been abducted again for the third time.
Few days back a leader of BRP Sangat Sana Baloch was abducted from Kolpoor areas of Balochistan and his father has already alleged that his son has been kidnapped by the Pakistani intelligence agencies. It is interesting to mention that these two Baloch young men have been abducted after the government has announced the so called package and withdrawing of case against Baloch activists.

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